About Us

AIR is the acronym for Academic In-House Recruiters, a non-profit organization which is an official chapter of the Association of Staff Physician Recruiters (ASPR). AIR’s membership consists of in-house recruiters across the nation who actively participates in recruiting physicians into faculty-affiliated jobs, either at their respective university, affiliated hospitals or groups.

AIR History

The idea to create a networking group of ASPR academic in-house recruiters originated in 2007 at the ASPR annual educational forum. At that time, there was a void in information and resources that academic in-house recruiters had available to assist them in the nuisances of their setting. As the networking started within ASPR, inquiry turned into action. Within four short months, AIR had it first “all member” call and created its bylaws, mission statement, website, and established plans for an official launching at the ASPR conference in 2008. As a result, AIR developed the following mission:

  • Network/create synergy among academic recruiters
  • Educate academic leaders about market treads in academic recruitment
  • Use information shared among the group member to benchmark efficiently
  • Create awareness of academic opportunities among physicians.

Our engaged members and initial leadership set the stage for quick growth. In February 2009, AIR was recognized as an official chapter of ASPR- the first organization to earn this designation. Additionally, AIR hosted its first member educational event at the ASPR annual educational forum in August which featured presentations, panel discussions, and a business meeting.

In 2010, AIR launched educational webinars for its member covering strategic areas including retention, onboarding, and academic leadership searches. The series continues in 2011 with focus on key area such as diversity and mentoring.

Central to its core value of educating leaders, AIR members have also been cited in industry publications such as the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) Reporter, Innovations blog, and Journal of the Association of Staff Physician Recruiters (JASPR). AIR has forged a growing relationship with AAMC as evidenced by the speakers who have presented at our 2010 and 2011 annual meetings. In 2010, William T Mallon, Senior Director, Organizational Learning and Research presented “Finding Top Talent: How Academic Medical Centers Recruit their Leadership and How They Can Do Better. Dr. Joanne Conroy, AAMC , Chief Health Care Officer presented “The Impact of the Changing Healthcare Environment on Medical Schools, Residents and Training Programs – What is the Skill Set for the Future?” in 2011.

We have come a long way in a short time and have plans for further growth in the next few years. We look forward to your involvement in our present and future initiatives.

Mission Statement

AIR’s mission is to:

• Bring academic recruiters together to share ideas and strategies

• Educate academic leaders about marketing trends in academic recruitment

• Use information shared among the group members to benchmark efficiently

• Create awareness of academic opportunities among physicians.

Officers and Committees

  • President
    Pam Snyder, Baystate Health

  • Secretary
    Leah Tyrrell

  • Treasurer
    Keith Cederlund, Cleveland Clinic

  • Vice-President
    Marissa Anderson, Mayo Clinic

  • Ethics Chair
    Lauren Forst, Cleveland Clinic Health System

  • Social Media Chair
    Shayla McAnly